Steff’s Playgroud hadde sin føste konsert april 2012, og Stopp Pressen i Oslo plukket fort ut dette bandet som husband på mandagsjammene «Mandagsklubben», som har backet alt fra Kurt Nilsen til Chris Medina.
Review fra gig på STOPP PRESSEN, OSLO: Everyone attending Steff’s Playground debut show at Stopp Pressen had a great time. The song choices ranged from Willie Nile’s “One Guitar” to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, and everything in between. Not only was the song selection applicable to everyone, but even better was the easy-going and fun spirit each band member exuded throughout their performance. Steffen Hissingby, the youngest member of the group, describes himself as a “22 year old guy from Råde” whose intention is “to sing and play as much as possible and simply reap as much impression and knowledge when it comes to music”, has what it takes to be a musician people can relate to, and has an amazing ability to energize the crowd. Finding initial inspiration from Bruce Springsteen’s “The River,” Hissingby now lives by the motto his music teacher taught him at a young age: “Skarru hoppe, så hopp!» (If you’ll jump, then jump!) Hissingby captured the audience throughout the entirety of the show, and made everyone smile, dance, and sing along. Guitar players Stein Bull-Hansen and Ture Janson created a guitar inferno when they played together. Both have a clear musical talent, but neither competed for the spotlight and instead created a fantastic musical marriage, adjusting to each other and the rest of their band mates. Bjørn Enoksen on bass is someone Hissingby describes as “a great guy, and just the kind of musician I can learn a great deal from. He has one of the most fascinating personalities…” Enoksen’s personality truly shined through during the show. Not only was he very energetic on stage, but also his love and passion for music only seemed to increase as the show progressed. The drummer of Steff’s Playground, Marcus Lewin, has both a distinct style of his own, and a fun disposition to add to the character of the group. Together, this unique set of musicians had an even more unique way of preparing for their debut at Stopp Pressen. Hissingby simply wrote down a variety of songs on a piece of paper, and showed it to the other band members just before the show. He counted to four, and before you knew it, you were listening to Stephen Stills’ “Love The One You’re With” being performed. In Hissingby’s words, “That’s what the playground is all about! And when the crowd notices that we’re having a great time, they’re having fun as well! And when we see the crowd singing along, and dancing, smiling, we just get even more exited, and…it explodes! The happy-meter is running hot, boiling, and that’s the definition of a successful gig! – Happiness!” Steff’s Playground has a great time both on stage and off, and their love for music is sure to bring happiness to their audiences in the future. – Anna Solgunova
Bandet : Steffen Hissingby – sang, gitar Ture Janson – gitar Bjørn Enoksen – bass, sang Martin Hystad – trommer Rock, roots, blues, soul..! All the good shit! …..det var faktisk en kveld hvor folk forlot Paal Flaatakonsert på Herr Nilsen for å komme opp til vårs på Stopp Pressen.. :)playground