Amy Westney, Fre. 6. april

Amy er en country/folk artist fra London og har blitt spådd en lysende karriere.
Hun er en jente som sprer glede gjennom sin musikk. Vi kan love dere en aften med latter, glede og mye god musikk.

Så møt opp og skap en hyggelig aften på Cafe Magenta.

Country music is a genre held together by storytelling and when it comes to her songwriting and performance, Amy Westney is well known for doing just that. Knowing how to bring a wave of emotion through the audience with every line is something Amy can deliver every time.

Amy’s debut EP ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ is now available, following the successful release of her debut single ‘Numb’ in September 2016, the hype is already surrounding this singer-songwriter from Essex. She teamed up with some of the industries finest producers and musicians in both Nashville and the UK to for the release of the EP and she is incredibly honoured to have such talent on the record.

Her outlook, personality and eagerness to succeed in the industry have opened many doors for Amy and allowed her to create a strong musical network in both the USA and UK. Travelling out to Nashville, Tennessee each year keeps her mind fresh with the sound coming out of Music City and brings in a true authentic old school sound to her songs and writing. With current artists such as Margo Price, Ashley McBryde, Miranda Lambert and Brandy Clark influencing Amy’s music she certainly has a lot to offer.

«For me, the thing I love most about Country music is the ability to travel from the start to the finish of a story in just a 3 minute song and the powerful messages that can only be tackled by Country music. When I create a song I want to create a feeling, a moment, a memory.» ~ Amy Westney

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